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BrewOps is a groundbreaking automation platform that is transforming brewing operations by automating craft breweries...

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Announcing the General Release of BrewOps, a Revolution for the Craft Brewing Industry

September 12, 2023 (Boston, MA) – BrewOps is a groundbreaking automation platform that is transforming brewing operations by automating craft breweries. It ensures quality, enhances efficiency, reduces environmental impact, and increases profitability. Craft breweries, where every square inch and penny counts, benefit immensely from the enhanced efficiency and profitability delivered by BrewOps. As the industry’s first and only purpose-built platform—developed with brewers for brewers—BrewOps enables customers to brew with passion and excel with insight. 

Automating Craft Breweries with a Scalable Solution

BrewOps Brewery Automation

This craft brewery platform is user-friendly, mobile-centric, and highly scalable, allowing flexibility with inception and growth. BrewOps is robust and designed for easy installation, delivering peace of mind to brewers with its remote monitoring capabilities. From any location, brewers can oversee their operations, ensuring quality, efficiency, and profitability are always at their best. The platform uses smart sensors, data analytics, and automation to streamline and improve brewery production, while improving quality and equipment performance. With BrewOps, brewers easily visualize every aspect of their operation to drive effective resolution of everyday challenges. 

Beyond improving brewing efficiency, BrewOps delivers significant environmental benefits, with the potential to reduce CO2 usage by up to 50%. It also enables brewers to measurably reduce the amount of caustic rinse and time needed between batches, offering tangible time and resource savings. With BrewOps, breweries can predict chiller and other equipment failures before they disrupt production, safeguarding their operations from unexpected downtime.

Easy to Install and Use

“The vast majority of breweries lack visibility into their production environment. That’s why we developed BrewOps—a platform built on a foundation of robust, state-of-the-art technology, and an obsession for easy-to-install sensors and software. We make it incredibly easy to install and use the platform; this aligns with our mission to revolutionize the craft brewing industry, for breweries of all sizes,” says Aaron Ganick, founder of BrewOps.

BrewOps is receiving resounding responses from the market. As more brewers and craft breweries engage with BrewOps, they are discovering firsthand how this revolutionary platform addresses and solves the industry’s most pressing challenges. 

Real-World Success

Director of operation at NOBL Beverage, Tim Graves, says of BrewOps: “We are co-packing and packaging our cold-chain branded beverages, so uptime is critical and there were a few issues that we identified would have immediate ROI value, such as a few boiler level and pressure sensors. We pasteurize 90 percent of our products, and if the boiler goes down or pasteurizer runs out of water, that product is waste or requires hours of reprocessing. We converted the BrewOps sensor alerts to group text messages for the team on staff during that shift, and we haven’t had a boiler issue again.” 

NOBL has had significant “uptime reward” and tracking success with pasteurizer water flow and levels, and uses BrewOps for its vast equipment in its 50,000-square-foot plant. Graves adds, “We use the BrewOps sensors to monitor tank levels, pressures, compressed air, CO2 and nitrogen flow, the refrigerator temp and condenser motors, and glycol temp and condenser motors. We had a few random sensors on critical items before, but the BrewOps system is well integrated with a dashboard, which we have displayed in a few places around the facility, allowing the team to see when certain items are not functioning—plus, the little bit of extra work to get direct messages sent to the facilities team or shift operators based on the different equipment has really made this of significant value to us as a whole package. I don’t worry about our critical systems failing without knowing it anymore. We have found the BrewOps team to be responsive, flexible, and able to find a solution to every problem we toss at them when compared to similar systems that would only solve one of the many problems the BrewOps team has solved.”

For more information about BrewOps and to learn how it can transform your brewing operations, visit www.brewops.com or send an email to sales@brewops.com.

About BrewOps

BrewOps helps brewers automate their brewing processes to save money and ensure quality products. This automation solutions platform is a comprehensive brewing operations management software that provides real-time monitoring, easy-to-read dashboards and alerts, historical data analysis, remote monitoring, data integrations and analytics, and reporting and documentation. The product line includes: BrewOps Purge, BrewOps Level, BrewOps Gauge, BrewOps Chill, BrewOps Rinse, BrewOps DO. Mobile-centric, it offers portable, battery-powered devices that provide wireless monitoring of every critical brew process, allowing for instant oversight and reliable real-time data. For more information, visit www.brewops.com

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